Life-Story Career Counselling

Does it feel that life is like a jigsaw puzzle and pieces are missing or don’t seem to fit?

Needing help to put together your individual puzzle to design your life?

Life-Story is a fresh approach to education and career counselling to empower you to:

        resolve indecision

        initiate action

        design your life

Through studying your unique story your understanding of your self develops along with your capacity to create and renew your working life. Designed for the range of life cycles from teenagers to adults, Life-Story will inspire you to action.

In a world where employment is increasingly temporary, part-time, contract and casual, you deserve all the help you can get to author your own story. And as life becomes more complex you need flexible tools to navigate the changes impacting on the world of work.

Life-Story addresses the need for an approach to career counselling which is:

        highly personalized


        from a lifelong learning perspective

Clients login to create their unique Life-Story account, complete their online Life-Story assessment questionnaire and subsequently receive a professional feedback report identifying career themes and clarifying choices. This is a personalized report and not a simple trait-matching, computer-generated sheet.

“Career is the story you tell about your working life”

– Professor Mark Savickas, author and career development specialist –